Registration Open for the June 21-Day Sugar Detox Group

The June 21-Day Sugar Detox is just around the corner. Who’s interested in kicking your sugar cravings to the curb? De-fogging your brain? Slashing inflammation? Feeling amazing this summer? Yeah! Me too!

Join me as I introduce my newest group format to lead you through 7 days of prep and 21 days of deprivation free, whole foods based and gentle sugar detoxing.

Who am I? I’m a board certified health coach, 21DSD certified coach and Team Diane Sanfilippo Moderator. I discovered this program when I was a few months postpartum and dealing with severe hormonal imbalances and my newborn’s food allergies. The program helped me gain back some balance and discover what foods were causing my newborn digestive and skin issues. I became a firm believer in it’s healing abilities and jumped at the chance to be in Diane’s first group of certified coaches in 2014. I love sharing this opportunity for others to achieve their health goals. See for yourself how great you can feel!


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