My Story

My story begins in second grade when i was called fat for the first time. It wasn’t long after that my weight became something i was very aware of and self conscious about. I didn’t know what to do about it or why i was bigger than other kids my age. I weighed 90 pounds in third grade and ballooned to 120 by 5th grade. In 6th grade, my mom bought me a subscription to Shape magazine. I was intrigued with learning about the mysterious metabolism. I wished i was born with a fast metabolism. Everything i read made me think it was out of my control. You are either born with a fast one or a slow one. I was doomed. Studying health magazine articles became a new hobby yet I continued to gain weight. My best friend and i would design ‘spa’ days. She would spend the night and we would start our day early with a 7am jog, 8am eat a half piece of plain toast and half a grapefruit. 8:30am Do Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies. 9:30am eat carrot sticks, etc… We had the entire day mapped out! I was still 170 in 7th grade and 202 by the end of 8th grade!!!!! I was up to a size 18 pants and was beyond depressed about my size. Finally fed up enough, i began to count every calorie and stay around 20% calories from fat, because fat made you fat! I wasn’t eating healthy, but in 1991 a calorie was a calorie as long as it wasn’t a fat calorie. I began to exercise most days by following Richard Simmons’ DVDs or the newly released Cindy Crawford DVDs. The weight slowly melted off. I continued watching what i ate and working out sensibly until i was down to 149.5 pounds!! My weight fluctuated over the next few years. Started birth control when i was 17 because of my intense cramps. I started getting migraines not too long after but didn’t put two and two together. I tried many other diets without much success: Atkins, South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, etc…. It seemed 165 was my average weight. I’d go up as high as 180 or even once 190, but not below 160 again until 2009, but that didn’t last either.

I was 160 when i got married on valentines day 2009. That was the last day i took a birth control pill. I was 30 and we were ready to start a family right away only we couldn’t get pregnant. I saw doctors and they said we were both fine but “Here. Try clomid anyway. Maybe it will help.” Nope. No pregnancy. My tubes were open. Blood tests were normal. His sperm analysis was ok. One year goes by. Two years go by. Three years go by. Nothing. Time to take matters into my own hands. I began reading infertility blogs and books. An amazon reviewer recommended the Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis . I couldn’t wait to get my copy from Amazon. It turns out that this book became the game changer for my entire life! I learned how chemicals affect our hormones. I learned that certain foods and herbs have a profound effect on our hormonal systems and that our sex hormones control our weight, mood, everything!!! My husband and I began taking many supplements (too many!!!!) based on the quiz results from the book. We also removed as many chemicals from our home and personal care items as we could. We had already cut out most alcohol but i abstained completely while he drank even less often than he had been. We switched to as organic, grass-fed/pasture raised, natural whole foods diet as close as we could. 5 months later I was pregnant!!!!! Unfortunately, it was a chemical pregnancy, the fertilized egg implanted but didn’t multiply and very shortly after my HCG plummeted. I had the worst, most painful period of my life about 2 weeks later. But we felt hopeful because my body could become pregnant!! We must be on the right track. 6 weeks later my new reproductive endocrinologist started us on our first cycle of artificial insemination. This story gets long and detailed so i’ll save it for another post. I’m not sure what to credit our eventual pregnancy with, but the third cycle of AI commenced without medication. My cycles had become so screwed up from the hormones they wanted me to take that I hadn’t had a period that cycle and they didn’t know what cycle day i was on to know when to give me clomid. I had started an elimination diet 2 weeks before the insemination and had never felt better!! The third insemination worked! Pregnancy stuck! We now have an amazing daughter, born May 2013.

Just before I found out I was pregnant I signed up for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s (IIN) Holistic Health Coach program. The Infertility Cure planted a seed in me that swayed my passion for diet and fitness to holistic healing. I wanted to learn more about living without harmful chemicals, how food can cause, prevent and heal so many common ailments, and the abuses of modern medicine. Our environment is making us sick. Stress is killing us. The food we eat can harm or heal us. I want to teach others what I learned and IIN taught me not only about nutrition, but how to gently coach others towards their health goals.

Following the pregnancy, I developed post-partum thyroiditis and adrenal fatigue. I have swung from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid and back again. I’ve learned many food and nutrients to help heal my glands. The exciting part is that i’m seeing results! At my last appointment, my doctor said according to my lab work the medication (synthroid) was working great for me – then I told him I wasn’t taking the medication 😉 Im not optimal, but I’m getting there naturally 🙂

My journey inspired me to become a board certified holistic health coach and Beachbody fitness coach. I want to help others overcome similar obstacles and help them make sense of the nonsense marketing out there. It is so confusing and frustrating!! It’s no wonder so many give up on trying to eat healthy! Even the USDA can’t figure out what a healthy meal looks like (MyPyramid/MyPlate). I believe that each person has unique needs and needs a personalized plan. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact me today. I’ll work with you no matter what you can afford.

Aloha and Welcome to Health Coach Carrie!

Mahalo for visiting my page! I am a certified holistic health coach and Beachbody Coach. I believe in the power of whole foods to heal us and prevent disease. I also believe we all need to move a little more than we do.

I have so much to say. This site is still under construction. More content coming soon.

My story and lot more is coming soon. Please come back. I hope to have things going smoothly by mid August 2014. Check out my social media links until then.